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"Millions of dollars have been

 awarded to pressure sore victims"

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Your first step to winning a bedsore lawsuit starts with a Free Case Evaluation!

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 If we determine that you have a valid pressure sore lawsuit you are ready for the next step. Meeting the lawyers that will lead your pressure sore/bedsore legal team. Our experienced pressure sore attorneys have a proven track record and are fully committed to fighting for your rights and getting justice for the bedsore victim. Our goal is getting you the most amount of money for your injury. If we accept your case there is no fee to you unless we win your bedsore / pressure sore lawsuit. 

No law firm can change the past or take back your pain and suffering but we can help positively impact the future of you and your loved one with justice and a possible large financial award or settlement.

Is your case a Civil case or a Criminal case? Will you need to appear in court? Can you settle out of court? How much money can your bedsore case be worth to the victim or family? Call us at 212-268-8205 today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

bedsores lawyer, pressure sores

Your pain and suffering from pressure sores, bedsores or decubitus ulcers may yield you a large amount of money.

Get the financial compensation and justice you deserve for you or your loved one. You may have a significant bedsore lawsuit against a hospital, Nursing Home, or caregiver. Whether it is malpractice or negligence, you need the best bedsore law firm on your side. It takes aggressive attorneys with a track record of success and knowledge of the system to win! 


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If we accept your case there is NO FEE unless we win. 

You have a right to find out your options today.


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The nursing home or hospital may already be preparing defense of a lawsuit without your knowledge. The sooner we are on your side the better it is for your lawsuit.


"It takes an experienced pressure sore law firm to win a pressure sore lawsuit"

bedsores lawyer, pressure sores
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bedsores lawyer, pressure sores

Be sure to seek immediate medical attention for your pressure sore or bedsore/decubitus ulcer.

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Note: Patients have a legal and moral right to get the proper medical attention for their wounds. There are federal and local laws in place to protect patients.

If you see the beginning of a sore or open wound, call it to the attention of the nursing staff, aide or doctor. Immediately have them alleviate pressure from the wound. This is only a start--as the nursing home or hospital may not be prepared for the proper treatment or have a wound care specialist on staff. Be clear that you want immediate proper care or treatment.

Legal tip: Taking pictures of the wound with your cell phone or camera can be helpful for your lawsuit as well as documenting the progression of the pressure sore for medical purposes. 

Note: If you are unsure of how to handle the situation or feel outnumbered by hospital or nursing home staff, feel free to call us at 212-268-8205.

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