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"Millions of dollars have been awarded to Bedsore victims."

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Justice for Bedsores

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"You have a right to sue, a right to get justice, and a right to recover money
for your pain and suffering."
Attorney Brian Raphan
Brian A. Raphan, Esq.
Managing Partner
Free Bedsore Case Evaluation
Bedsore Hotline is a division of the premier elder law firm Raphan Law Partners, LLP. Providing legal excellence to clients for over 25 years, the firm is located in New York City, one block from Penn Station at 7 Penn Plaza.


Appointments & Memberships:

Brian A. Raphan, Esq. Appointed as Member of the Office of the Court Administration Guardianship Advisory Committee, First Department; Member of the Final Account Subcommittee of the Guardianship Advisory Committee;

Appointed as a Member of the Statewide Judicial Training Subcommittee. 

Appointed by Appellate Division,1st Department, as a Court Examiner in May 1997. Individually selected and appointed by Surrogate's Court and Supreme Court in various capacities in hundreds of cases; 


Member: National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, New York State Bar Association, American Bar Association, New York County Lawyers Association. 


In the press: Brian's cases have been written about in The New York Times, The New York Law Journal, and The Villager, and he has appeared on CBS News television and NY Radio. His blog Elder Law News covers timely legal news facing New Yorkers and seniors. Brian also contributes to medical blogs as well, including The Doctor Weighs In. He publishes a monthly newsletter for clients of the firm with vital, helpful legal information facing New Yorkers and Seniors. Brian is also a regular editorial contributor to The Senior News, 50+ Lifestyles NY, and on legal issues and frequently gives pro bono lectures on legal matters.

Long-term track record against
nursing homes and hospitals! 

Bedsore Lawsuits

Bedsore Lawsuits

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Learn your legal options for free, with a courteous, no-obligation, no-fee evaluation of your lawsuit. Find out today!


Over 30 years experience winning nursing home and hospital bedsore lawsuits

Bedsore Hotline 7 Penn
Better Business Bureau A+

By focusing on representing bedsore and pressure sore victims injured in nursing homes or hospitals throughout the New York area, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County, Nassau County, and Suffolk Counties we have a high success rate for our bedsore lawsuits, whether caused by malpractice, negligence, abuse, or any disregard for the patient. 

*There is NO FEE to initiate a lawsuit if we accept your case.

AARP NYSBA Certifications Raphan Law

FAQ: Frequently Asked Bedsore Questions:

Q: How much is a bedsore case worth?
Bedsore lawsuits can yield hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. The answer depends on several factors. For example, what stage is/was the bedsore? Did the bedsore lead to surgeries, other infections, or an untimely death?
What is/was the level of pain and suffering? Has current or future lost wages been calculated? Sometimes there may even be two institutions, a nursing home, and a hospital, both liable for negligence, yielding a higher payout.

Q: Will I need to appear in court for a bedsore lawsuit?
Many times, cases can be settled before even going to court.
Our legal team of attorneys, paralegals, research assistants, and medical experts, have the experience and knowledge to know when this is an advantage for a client. We discuss all scenarios with our clients as the client decides the final decision.

Learn the facts and call us for a FREE CONSULTATION
at 212-268-8200.

When a hospital, nursing home, or home health aide doesn't tell you
about a bedsore or pressure ulcer found on your loved one, it adds
insult to injury.

Patients have rights to get proper care -- and a right to get justice and
a monetary award when they don't get that care.
No law firm can change the past or take back your pain and suffering,
but we can help positively impact the future of you and your loved ones with justice and a possible large financial award or settlement.

If a pressure sore, bedsore, or decubitus ulcer has occurred, now is the time to
get all your legal questions answered for free.
No obligation, no pressure, no fee. Get the facts about your bedsore lawsuit and make sure you have at least inquired about getting justice for yourself or family. 

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30 Years Brian A. Raphan Litigation

*No Fee to sue. Attorneys only receive a portion of the award upon winning a successful outcome.  *Attorney advertisement; past results do not guarantee future performance.

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