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"It is simply not

acceptable that Bedsores should happen while in the care of medical professionals."

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"Everyone should know that it is simply not acceptable that Bedsores, Pressure Sores or Decubitis Ulcers should happen while any person is cared for at a nursing home or hospital"

The fact that there are even Federal and local laws in place to protect patients makes it hard to believe.  Often family members aren't even told about the sores until they find them by themselves. Bedsores and Pressure Sores occur even at some of the best hospitals in New York. Sadly, bedsores are the underlying cause of death for several thousand Americans each year. Remember this, they are not the fault of the patient. The patient is a victim.

Medical negligence by a hospital, doctor, nurse, or aide may be cause for a significant lawsuit and yield the victim or family members a large amount of money.


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Note: Our legal teams generally have two options, to either settle or go to trial for you. We have experienced trial attorneys who not only get results in the courtroom but are passionate about getting justice and compensation as a deserved reward for the pain and suffering of our clients. Whether malpractice, negligence, or abuse by any medical personnel, nursing home, home health aide, or hospital our unique legal team approach comes with a long track record of success. 


Our Advantage: We also have over 25 years of experience settling cases in New York and the tri-state area with large awards without having our clients even enter the courtroom. Based on factors including our client's interests, the value of similar cases, and defendants involved, we strive to recover as much money as possible for our clients given the circumstances of the injury. We are not happy unless and until we have gotten every possible dollar for the victim. We work hard to keep our clients happy -- it's obvious once you look at our million-dollar jury verdicts. See the steps we took to win these cases and experience why we have the reputation we do. Pressure Sores, Bedsores, and Decubitus Ulcer lawsuits need aggressive counsel with not only experience but expertise in this practice area.

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4. A Proven Track Record with over 25 years experience winning bedsore and pressure sore lawsuits

of all sizes.

4. A Proven Track Record with over 25 years experience winning bedsore and pressure sore lawsuits

of all sizes.