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pressure sores, nursing home, decubitus ulcer lawsuits

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winning pressure sore 

and bedsore lawsuits in 
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Pressure sores and bedsores may start small but these injuries are serious and often fatal. If caused by nursing home negligence or hospital malpractice, you may be eligible for a large financial award.

  • All patients that become victims, or loved ones of victims may be eligible for financial compensation.

  • With a free consultation, we can let you know the value of a pressure sore or bedsore lawsuit against a hospital, nursing home, or rehab facility 

  • If we represent you, there is no fee unless we win*

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Tens of millions of dollars have been awarded to clients!

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Be sure to seek immediate medical attention for your pressure sore or bedsore/decubitus ulcer.

Your first step to winning a Pressure Sore lawsuit starts with a Free Consultation!

Legal Tip:  Patients have a legal and moral right to get the proper medical attention for their wounds. Your first cause of action is to demand that a doctor or wound specialist see the patient. There are federal and local laws in place to protect patients.

If you see the beginning of a sore or open wound, call it to the nursing staff, aide, or doctor's attention. Immediately have them alleviate pressure from the wound. This is only a start--as the nursing home or hospital may not be prepared for the proper treatment or have a wound care specialist on staff. Be clear that you want immediate proper care or treatment.

Legal Tip:  Taking pictures of the wound with your cell phone or camera can be helpful for your lawsuit, as well as documenting the progression of the pressure sore for medical purposes. 

Note:   If you are unsure how to handle the situation or feel outnumbered by hospital or nursing home staff, please call us at 212-268-8200 or 888-81Hotline.

pressure sores, nursing home, decubitus ulcer lawsuits
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