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"Decubitus Ulcer victims       have been awarded millions of dollars."






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Your first step to winning a Decubitus Ulcer / Bedsore lawsuit starts with a Free Consultation or online evaluation!

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You or a family member may have just been told by a nursing home or hospital that you have Decubitus Ulcer. What you probably weren't told was that it was likely caused by neglect or malpractice. Actually, without you realizing it, they may already be set up for their defense of a lawsuit. By not using the term bedsore or pressure sore they may be trying to imply it's a condition that did not happen from pressure.

Why? Because prolonged pressure should not happen in the first place. There is a legal responsibility for the practitioners to care for and turn a patient regularly to avoid such wounds. There are many reasons the patient may have not received proper care. But none are excusable. By contacting us you can find out about your rights and ability to sue and recover a monetary award. 

Our experienced bedsore attorneys have a proven track record and are fully committed to fighting for your rights, and the rights of elder victims, and getting justice and financial compensation for victims and their families. Learn your options for free today. If we accept your case there is no fee to you unless we win your bedsore/pressure sore/decubitus ulcer lawsuit. 

No law firm can change the past or take back your pain and suffering but we can help positively impact the future of you and your loved one with justice and a possible large financial award or settlement.
Is your case a Civil case or a criminal case? Will you need to appear in court? Can you settle out of court? How much money can your bedsore case be worth to the victim or family?

Learn the facts with an informative,  
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If a pressure sore, bedsore, or decubitus ulcer has occurred, now is the time to get all your legal questions answered for free. No obligation, no pressure, no fee.
Get the facts and make sure you have at least inquired about getting justice for yourself or your family. 

bedsores lawyer, pressure sores
bedsores lawyer, pressure sores

Your pain and suffering from bedsores, pressure sores or decubitis ulcers may yield you a large amount of money.

Get the financial compensation and justice you deserve for you or your loved one. You may have a significant bedsore lawsuit against a hospital, Nursing Home, or caregiver. Whether it is malpractice or negligence, you need the best bedsore law firm on your side. It takes aggressive bedsore attorneys with a track record of success and knowledge of the system to win!  

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for a free consultation!

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If we accept your case there is NO FEE unless we win. 
You have a right to find out your options today.
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The nursing home or hospital may already be preparing defense of a lawsuit without your knowledge. The sooner we are on your side the better it is for your lawsuit.


"You need experienced bedsore trial attorneys to
win a bedsore lawsuit"

bedsores lawyer, pressure sores
bedsores lawyer, pressure sores
bedsores lawyer, pressure sores

If we accept your case, we will represent you for no fee. We only receive a fee upon winning your bedsore lawsuit. By focusing on representing Decubitus Ulcer,  Pressure Sore and bedsore victims injured in nursing homes or hospitals in the New York area we have a high success rate for our lawsuits whether caused by malpractice, negligence, abuse, or any disregard for the patient. Note, please have approximate date of injury available as statutes of limitation. Contact us and find out the viability of your lawsuit.

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