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How to Proceed with a Lawsuit:  Free consultation



The first step is to start with a FREE, no obligation, confidential consultation. You can simply call us at 212-268-8200 or 888-81Hotline or use our Bedsore Case Evaluator form online. You can also simply email us at

Helpful information for a free consultation:

Having this information isn't mandatory for a free consultation but will help us evaluate your possible lawsuit and let you know your best options:


•Date you first noticed the bedsores (also called pressure sores, pressure ulcers, decubitis ulcers)


•Date of admission to hospital, or nursing home facility.


•Date of discharge from hospital or nursing home facility.


•Why was patient first admitted to hospital?


•Name of any hospitals, nursing facility or location the victim has visited.


•Were the bedsores reported to anyone?


•Do you have pictures of the sores?


•Current stage of the bedsore if known.


•Any other medical complications?


•Name and age of victim.


•What treaments if any did the hospital or nursing facility provide?


•How long did it take for the staff to reply once you noticed the bedsores?


•Additional medical issues as a result to the bedsores?


•Any medical issues prior to the bedsores?


•Did any staff member tell you that the bedsores were the fault of the victim?


•Was the patient being turned at regular intervals by aides, or nursing staff?

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