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The Bedsore Lawsuit Law Firm, PA

We fight hard for bedsore victims to get them maximum financial compensation for pain & suffering.

Bedsore Law firm

Hospital Malpractice

Bedsore Lawsuits

Bedsore Lawsuits

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Everyone deserves justice for their pain & suffering.

Millions of dollars have been awarded to patients, and families of bedsore victims.

Bedsore & Pressure Sore Lawsuits

See if you have a lawsuit for Hospital Malpractice, Nursing Home Negligence, Wrongful Death, Elder Abuse or Neglect.

No fee evaluation and no fee to sue. *

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"You have a right to sue, a right to get justice, and a right to recover money
for your pain and suffering."
Attorney Brian Raphan
Brian A. Raphan, Esq.
Managing Partner
bedsore lawsuits pennsylvania

By focusing on representing bedsore and pressure sore victims injured in nursing homes or hospitals we have a high success rate for our bedsore lawsuits, whether caused by malpractice, negligence, abuse, or any disregard for the patient. 

There is no fee for the evaluation. There is no fee to sue if we accept your case and you decide to proceed. We
 only receive a portion of the award upon winning a successful outcome.  


When a hospital, or nursing home in Pennsylvania doesn't tell you about a bedsore or pressure ulcer found on your loved one it adds insult to injury.

Patients have the legal and moral right to get proper care from hospitals and nursing homes -- and a right to get justice and a monetary award for themselves and their families when they don't get the care they deserve.
So where do you start? First, get informed with a Free no-obligation consultation online or by phone. If
we accept your case there is no fee unless we win. 
Our experienced bedsore attorneys and dedicated bedsore team have a proven track record and are fully committed to fighting for your rights, getting justice for the bedsore victim, and getting Pennsylvania victims a large monetary award. 
No law firm can change the past or take back your pain and suffering but we can help positively impact the financial future of you and your loved ones with justice and a possible large financial award or settlement.

bedsores lawyer pennsylvania

The Bedsore Lawsuit Law Firm   No Fee  Free consultations*

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