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Millions of dollars have been awarded to our clients as bedsore or pressure sore victims. Winning a lawsuit takes an aggressive stance with experience and expertise in this field and Includes our resources of medical professionals, expert witnesses, and co-counsel as part of your Dedicated Legal Team. Serving the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and New York. 


We go toe-to-toe against the largest adversaries to get you a favorable outcome--a large monetary award. And there is no fee unless we win!


Our law firm's legal team approach benefits the client by keeping you informed of the legal process and never lets you get lost in red tape. Our legal measures strive for timely outcomes and avoids dragging cases on for years and years where nursing homes or defendants can wear you down. Our goal is to get you the most amount of money available for your bedsore injury. You may even receive a settlement without ever being in a courtroom. 


As a bedsore victim, or family member of a victim, you need need a strong, experienced bedsore lawyer with a bedsore legal team to win a bedsore case. One that will not fall prey to legal tactics of hospitals or nursing homes and can secure the amount of money for your that is deserved. Not the minimum sometimes offered by medical facilities or crafty defendants. Give us a call today for a free consultation and see how we fight for you.

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Learn how our approach benefits you, not the nursing homes or hospitals.

"A winning track record in New York bedsore lawsuits!"

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