How sores happen? Who is responsible?

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"Bedsores are a sign of neglect, abuse or even malpractice.


They are simply not acceptable and Florida patients have a right to sue and get justice."

Bedsores:            Financial Awards for victims or family

Millions of dollars have been awarded to bedsore victims.



If you have developed bedsores or pressure sores, get immediate medical then legal help.

How do Bedsores happen?

Bed sores, also called pressure sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers, are areas of damaged skin and tissue that develop when sustained pressure - usually from lying in a bed or sitting in a wheelchair - cuts off circulation to vulnerable parts of your body. Bedsores are preventable. Essentially, when people who are entrusted with the care of those who are unable to move themselves shirk their responsibilities, then the immobile develop bedsores.

Without adequate blood flow, which would occur in the turning and moving a person's body as is standard procedure, the affected tissue dies and an ulcerated sore develops.

There is a standard of care in Florida that is your legal right as a patient. When this standard has been violated or ignored a bedsore lawsuit may yield you a large amount of money.


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There is no fee unless we win you a financial award. With aggressive bedsore attorneys, bedsore clients have been awarded tens of millions of dollars as victims of medical negligence. Some clients or families of victims may choose to settle without ever having to enter a courtroom and still be financially rewarded. 

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Be mindful that bedsores or pressure sores can develop quickly, progress rapidly and are often difficult to heal. They are often not reported to family by nurses or aides. Caring for them can cost into the tens of thousand of dollars. Often, due to the lower staffing in nursing homes, patients are forced to wait longer for care, such as simply being turned in a bed, or the changing of soiled linens and clothes. If an elder cannot change themselves then they are forced to sit or lay in their own urine until a caregiver arrives.

While the elderly wait, their skin is being weakened by the moisture making them susceptible to bedsores. It's easy to see why so many seek legal justice and get financial compensation for bedsores. Pain, suffering further medical complications and possibly death generally would have been avoided if a hospital patient or nursing home resident received proper medical care.

It is the duty of a nursing home or hospital to follow proper procedures to prevent Bedsores. They are a sign of neglect, sometimes malpractice and abuse! Unfortunately some families do not contact a bed sore lawyer until after the unwarranted death of a loved one. Be pro-active and get immediate medical and legal assistance.

Get legally informed and weigh your options as a bedsore or pressure sore victim today.


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