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What it takes to win a Bedsore Lawsuit:

In Florida call



1. Very experienced, aggressive attorneys that can't be bullied by nursing homes or hospitals.

2. A hands-on dedicated team with Bedsore Lawsuit expertise where your case won't get lost in the shuffle.

3. Medical professionals, expert witnesses, co-counsel and Bedsore litigators on your side.

4. A Proven Track Record with over
25 years experience winning bedsore and pressure sore lawsuits.


When you fall victim to malpractice, abuse or negligence you have to take a stance. This is especially true when pain, suffering or even death have occurred--to no fault of your own.

Our aggressive stance against the institutions that have caused your bedsores or pressure ulcers puts you, our client, first. It's leveraged by over 25 years of experience dealing with nursing homes and hospitals. 


Knowing the legal system, how nursing homes and hospital law firms work, and combining our litigation expertise with medical and expert witnesses is legal strength in your favor. 


Is your case a Civil case or a Criminal case? Will you need to appear in court? Can you settle out of court? How much money can your bedsore case be worth to the victim or family living in Florida? 

Give us a call today for a FREE CONSULTATION where we can evaluate your lawsuit with you.

You will have the opportunity to speak with an actual bedsore lawyer for free, not an operator. No pressure, no fee and no obligation. Get the facts and see if you have a valid and valuable lawsuit. We only collect a portion of the proceeds upon success--when we win your case!


Simply call Toll Free 800-278-2960 or


Or click here for our Free online 'Bedsore Lawsuit Evaluator' form.


Our approach and bedsore expertise has led to a track record of successful verdicts for our clients!

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