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Our approach has led to a track record of success for our New York area clients.

1. Get a Very Experienced, Expert Legal Team that can't be bullied by nursing homes or hospitals.

2. Medical Professionals, Expert Witnesses, Co-counsel and Bedsore Litigators on your team.

3. A Proven Track Record with over 20 years experience winning in New York Courts on your side!

4. A Hands-on Dedicated Team where your case won't get lost in the shuffle.

"You DO have the right to sue.

And you can speak with  
a bedsore lawyer for free."

Why our New York City Bedsore and Pressure Sore lawsuit experience pays off for you:


There are well over 400 Nursing Homes and related facilities in New York with over 50 in The Bronx and Brooklyn. While staffed with healthcare professionals, not every employee has the same training and experience.

Additionally, some are transient or may simply not have the same conscience as others. Combine this with cost-cutting and a low staff-to-resident ratio by the nursing home and you have a recipe for disaster. 


When it comes to Bedsores, Pressure Sores, and Decubitus Ulcers the situation can become even more problematic. That's because the sores can develop and progress to deadly circumstances quickly.


There are Federal laws in place to protect nursing homes residents and you do have a possible lawsuit if there has been injury caused by nursing home staff not following the proper practices and laws. For instance, did you know residents that are immobile and can not turn themselves need to be turned at regular intervals as stated by law to prevent bedsores from developing?


So how can negligence happen?


With understaffed facilities, we have had cases in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and outside the boroughs where nurses and aides have been at the end of their shift and made the improper decision not to turn and change the soiled clothes of a resident -- leaving the task for the next shift. Other examples are times when another nursing home resident may have an unscheduled need arise. This can take hours of care away from an additional resident leaving them neglected. Unfortunately, many nursing homes put cost savings over patient care and the patient can become the victim.  


Neglect, negligence, and medical malpractice are all causes for a bedsore lawsuit. EVEN IF THE NURSING HOME has told you 'bedsores are common', or 'it's the fault of the patient' or 'you can't sue'.  


You DO have the right to sue. You DO have the right to protect and get the proper care for your loved one. You DO have the right to take pictures. And you DO have the right to speak confidentially to an experienced bedsore attorney for free.

Our team has over 25 years of experience with nursing homes in litigating cases in the New York courts where millions of dollars have been awarded to victims. Contact us to find out more about your lawsuit. You will have the opportunity to speak with an actual bedsore lawyer for free.

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